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Jovi is a Spanish manufacturing company based at Barcelona. Now with over 75 years of experience; it is a world leader in its sector and Present in over 80 countries. The products are manufactured using materials of the highest quality which ensure the safety of the smallest children. The products are backed by a number of recognized authorities (ACMI and CE); thereby guaranteeing that the products are non-toxic and comply with strict national and international regulations. Nobody can resist Jovi Felt-Tip Pens! With a very wide variety of colours and a good ink adhesion. Felt-tip pens that slide easily, with a very tough wick and a ventilated cap for the safety of our users, And that’s not all! To make them even more useful, Jovi Felt-Tip Pens are made in different sizes and measurements Discover them and you wont’ be able to stop drawing! * Felt Tip Pens * Brand – Jovi * Manufacture – Made In Spain * Colour – Multicolour * Product Dimensions – 4.7 x 0.8 x 7.1 inches * Item Weight – 2.08 ounces * Inks made from food dyes. * Very strong, hard-wearing tip. * Click-on ventilated safety cap which retains its shape. * Ink washed off hands and clothes. * Non-drying out ink (96 hours). * Standard felt-tip pens have an ergonomic triangular grip. * Colourful. * Available in MAXI format with a broad depression-resistant tip * Available in two-tip format to choose between a fine or a broad outline


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